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ladyfest exeter endorses the use of lies but not at the expense of whats true

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Ladyfest Exeter is a non-profit 3 day festival celebrating women in music and the arts, which takes place the 16th - 18th April 2004 in various venues around Exeter, Devon. The event is dedicated to showcasingth , promoting and encouraging the political and artistic talents of women in independent culture. By providing such a platform, Ladyfest enables us to realise and discover our own strengths, abilities and goals through music, film, visual and performance art, workshops and spoken word. Ladyfest is an all-inclusive, women-run event in which we are able to establish our own creative community, without the interference of oppressive, often male-dominated mainstream scenes.

if you have any ideas, want to get involved, or are interested in finding out more about events like these, then email me (izzy) or go look at our old Ladyfest Devon website. Also Check out our yahoogroup for the latest news& info.
and keep looking here!

Email peppermint_skinny@hotmail.com
last years event; http://www.ladyfestdevon.co.uk
our current website; http://www.angelfire.com/scary/ladyfestexeter/index.html