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oops some of that has changed a LOT!!!!! please read this and take… - Ladyfest Exeter [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Mar. 12th, 2004|07:15 pm]
Ladyfest Exeter
oops some of that has changed a LOT!!!!! please read this and take this as whats REALLY HAPPENING!!!

LADYFEST EXETER - 16th - 18th APRIL 2004.

Ladyfest Exeter is taking place the weekend of april 16-18. Things are still being confirmed and stuff but so far it's looking like this..... (I'm sure Izzy will correct me if I'm wrong!)

Friday - In the afternoon we've got local acoustic acts playing in the Cavern bar while people eat their chips - there's a load of grrrl singer songwriters from Dartington college coming to play and then the WorryDolls are going to finish off. While that's going on there'll be exhibitions, knitiing and crafts organised by Izzy and her mum, and stalls and stuff.
On friday night we've got the usual drum'n'bass with DJ Dazee and MC Chickaboo.

Saturday afternoon we have a fanzine convention, so anyone who's got a zine of any type who wants to come and sell and swap and meet people, get in touch with me and Izzy - pippawragg@hotmail.com. And there'll be other stalls and more knitting I'm sure.
On saturday night we've got the mighty Klang headlining. Klang feature Donna from Elastica. With supports The Climb, Help! She Can't Swim! and Italian grrrl band The Uhu's. And Izzy DJing.

On the Sunday afternoon we've got a cool film show lined up, so try and come down for that. Should be interesting. Following that we've got more bands - Holly Golightly, Snowfell, Hooker and The Alsatians, who also have a 15 minute story/ performance to present.

So it's all coming together and looking really good. There's still a few more bands to come in, and things will probably change before the weekend, but this is where we're at right now! We'll keep you posted!!

this was written by pippa and pretty much says it all.

updates>>>> coming soon!