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hello everyone! long time no nothing,. heres whats going on with… - Ladyfest Exeter [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Mar. 10th, 2004|07:22 pm]
Ladyfest Exeter
[Current Music |electrelane]

hello everyone! long time no nothing,.

heres whats going on with ladyfest now;

saturday 17th april>>>

HAWNAY TROOF(allison bratmobile and chris XBXRX yumyum!!)
PARTYLINE (allison bratmobiles nu fabfabfab grrrl band)
POP IS FOR POPPIES AND ROCK IS FOR ROBINS (robin shoe/bullet union and kay comet gains wonderful duo . they do songs about curries and a rather interesting variation of "happy birthday")
DIE ALL BEARS (ex outoutout - girl screamocore largely influenced by kill rock stars delinquents bikini kill and huggy bear)


and for sunday 18th april;

HOLLY GOLIGHTLY (is coolcoolcool, yeah we know that, plus she was(or is) in the headcoatees with thee billy childish. the white stripes are big fans but thats beside the point)
HELP! SHE CAN'T SWIM (electro indie from brighton; in the vein of bis and a teeny bit of liars!)

um i cant remember who else but i'll update this as soon as i find out!!

PLUS FILMS and other stuff thats cool and fun.

love izzy xoxoxxxxx

email me!! peppermint_skinny@hotmail.com